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bib·li·o·phile - noun - a person who is fond of or collects books

Yep, that's me.  I was the kid who circled every single book in the Scholastic book order catalogs as part of my "wish list." The kid who made my parents take me to library a minimum of once a week.  The kid who had overflowing bookshelves and a huge, towering stack of books on the floor.  The kid who got up before my alarm every morning to read.  The kid that read books on the school bus.  The kid that took my book outside to read on the porch when my mother begged me to "get some fresh air."  The kid who only stopped reading in order to scribble my own story ideas in spiral-bound notebooks.

As an adult, I became a high school English teacher.  I love teenagers *almost* as much as I love reading and relished sharing conversations about books with my students.  But as a teacher, my biggest struggle in the classroom came when kids said, "Why do we have to read this?" and I had to answer, "Because it's state-mandated curriculum"... and in really bad cases, confess that I didn't like the books either.  Over my years of teaching, it became my quest to introduce my students to books that they would truly enjoy, whether that was through assigned classroom novels or free reading initiatives.

After roughly a decade of teaching and several years of working on a Masters of Library Science while teaching, I finally took the plunge and changed career fields. I greatly enjoyed working in a public library as a Children and Young Adult Services Librarian.  I got to recommend books full-time, as well as put together all kinds of fun literacy-themed activities--a bibliophile's dream!!  But I really missed my teaching roots and eventually found the perfect solution....

I now work as a school media specialist, which allows me to meld my two great loves, education and the library.  The biggest surprise (to me as well as everyone else!) is that I am currently working in an elementary school and loving it.  Although all my previous experience is with teenagers, I am relishing my time with the "little people" and loving this new reason for devouring children's literature.  I am so blessed by my interactions with the K-5 crowd, and we learn from each other every day.

I also have four kids of my own and am working hard at turning them all into bibliophiles by snuggling up with a book as often as possible.  My youngest still loves to curl up in my lap for picture books, and my older kids are now the ones with towering piles of books on their floors, getting up early to read before school, writing and illustrating their own stories.  Our family lives in a house with overstuffed bookshelves in every room, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here at Blatant Bibliophilia, you'll find reviews and links to books that I've enjoyed.  Because of my long history working with teens, YA is my personal favorite.  I also feel passionately about introducing young kids to books that will spark their imaginations, so I'm actively exploring great options for my students. Here, you'll find recommendations for kids of all ages.

Happy reading, everyone!

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