Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shhhh..... Quiet in the Library!

So it's been a while.....

In the past 11 months, I have been a very busy lady. I have knocked out a significant amount of library grad courses. I took two courses last spring (January through May), in what I then called my "hardest semester ever." I took another two courses over the summer, each in its own summer session. Then I took another two courses this fall (August through December), in what was ACTUALLY my hardest semester ever. The courses were the most time-intensive, challenging, hands-on that I have ever experienced (in either graduate or undergrad), and I learned more from each of them than I ever have before.

At the same time, I started a new full-time library job. In the last week of July, I returned to school with my kiddos as the school librarian at our local elementary school. In many, many ways, this is the ideal job for me. My background is in education, and although I loved my time as a public librarian, I have always envisioned myself working long-term as a school media specialist. The real surprise has been working at an elementary school, since my entire teaching background has been at the high school level. It's been quite an adjustment to get used to the "little people." I've obviously had some practice with the age group from my own four kiddos (currently 10, 8, 5, and 3), but being a teacher-librarian for a large group of these yahoos is a different ballgame. :)

This process has also involved transitioning myself slowly away from my usually heavy diet of YA literature (my favorite!) and reading more children's literature, both picture books and middle grade selections. I haven't managed to blog about it during this incredibly busy time, but I've been keeping careful notes for both my grad classes and the library, and I'm hoping to get those transferred over to the blog over the next few months.

Through both classes and work, I have learned a HUGE amount about Life in the Library--working with kiddos, reading quality literature, collaborating with teachers, balancing budgets, recruiting volunteers, running book fairs, creating displays, and so much more. So while the primary focus of this blog will still be book reviews, I'm hoping to include some other tidbits of wisdom for posterity as well.

In the meantime, happy reading everyone!

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