Tuesday, November 4, 2014


You may have noticed a lengthy silence here at Blatant Bibliophilia....  The silence was unplanned, but born of my crazy life.  In mid-July, our family learned that the company where my husband worked was going to be eliminating his position.  We had about two weeks to pack up our entire lives, find a new home in a new city, and move in time for the kids to start the school year with their new classmates (because their new school operates on a "balanced calendar").  I then got to play single mom for a month while my husband finished up his old job (an hour and a half away).  Since then, it's been unpacking boxes and adjusting to our new lives, hitting the ground running.

As you may have gathered from the rapid transition and the hour-and-a-half move, one of the saddest parts of this move has been leaving behind my awesome, wonderful, perfect job as a teen librarian.

I miss working with kids.  I miss being surrounded by books.

On the up side, I have re-applied to grad school to continue work on my MLS next semester.  I am home with my kids this year and really enjoying taking them to the library and reading new books to them.  I'm getting more time to read myself.  And I'm looking into options of job possibilities for next fall.  So while things feel pretty rough right now, I'm attempting to use the time to whittle down my TBR list (harder than it sounds when surrounded by 4 kids) and making plans for the future....

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