Friday, November 14, 2014

Book Review: The Raven Boys

  So.... wow.  I picked up The Raven Boys expecting it to be at least a little bit like Stiefvater's The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and it's distinctly.... not.  This book was heavy with mythology and had layers upon layers of story.  It sent me running to the internet more than once, to Google things like "Owen Glendower" and "Page of Cups."  When my husband asked me to tell him about the book I was reading, I stammered around for a few minutes before saying, "I really just can't describe it."
.... And now I've sat here for at least five minutes, staring at the screen, because I'm still not sure how to describe it.
So, things I loved:

* Noah.  NOAH.  I wished that I had known someone else who had read and loved this book (besides my former boss, who I knew was working) that I could have called and shouted into the phone about when I discovered his secret along with Blue and Gansey. Incredible.  Genius, Maggie Stiefvater.

* Neeve.  Actually, I wouldn't say that I loved her, but I am completely creeped out by her.  Which I think is the point.

* Cabeswater.  Oh, my gosh, so creepy and so beautiful and so amazing, all at the very same time.

* Ronan's last line of the book.  Hello?  Now I need to rush to my library to get the sequel, like, immediately.

* Blue's relationship with Maura.  As mothers and daughters go, particularly mothers and daughters in YA lit, they're awesome.

* The hints of the secrets surrounding Blue's father and her birth.  I suspect that it's going to be mind-blowing when we find out the whole story.

And things that I'm still confused or conflicted about:

* Barrington Whelk.  I wanted more backstory on him.  Why was he looking for the ley lines in the first place?  I wanted to understand him more.  He felt a little expendable.

* Orla.  I'm not really sure who she is.  She lives in the house with the rest of the psychics, but she's not part of the Maura-Calla-Persephone BFF triangle and she's never present at any of the readings.

* Ashley.  Declan's girlfriend who isn't as dumb as she looks.  I'm wondering if she's going to reappear in some real way.

* On that same note, the Lynch brothers.  Declan and Matthew.  Particularly Matthew. Do we get to meet him for real at some point?  Must.  Read.  Sequels.

* What exactly happened to Adam in Cabeswater.  And how that will affect his relationship with Gansey.  But I think I have to read the next book to find that out.

* Ronan.  He is such a mystery.  But he's supposed to be.  So I'll keep reading.

Maggie Stiefvater, job well done.  I am hooked.  I cannot wait to pick up The Dream Thieves.  Please hurry up and write the final installment of this series.  I don't think I can take the suspense.

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