Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review: Pip's Trip

Pip's Trip by Janet Morgan Stoeke was written specifically with emerging readers in mind.  The text is large and repeats many words, although the vocabulary is not overly simplistic.  My kindergatener was thrilled to be able to read the entire thing aloud to her preschool brother.

In this story of the Loop Coop Hens, Pip tries to convince her friends Midge and Dot to go on a trip into the wide world with her.  Clearly the adventurer of the group, she climbs into the back of a pickup truck and prepares for a ride to parts unknown.  Midge and Dot, on the other hand, scamper off to ask Rooster Sam his opinion of the whole situation.  While Pip waits for her friends to come back, the truck "gets loud."  Regretting her decision, she closes her eyes in fear and waits.

The clever part of this story is that through the illustrations, readers can tell that the truck isn't actually going anywhere--a young man has it propped up on ramps and is repairing the engine.  But Pip is convinced that because it "got loud," she has gone somewhere.  And when she opens her eyes, the "wide world" looks just like her own farm!  And she is utterly convinced that she was very brave for traveling such a great distance in the big, scary truck.

Through this somewhat silly story, parents can have some great discussions with kids.  For example, what does it mean to be brave?  And how is the "wide world" like your own home?  A fun story as a stand-alone or a discussion-starter.

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