Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bryn's Book Review: Ally the Dolphin Fairy

This post is part of a series of book reviews written by my 8-year-old daughter, Bryn.  Bryn is in second grade and loves to read just as much as her mom does!

In Ally the Dolphin Fairy mean Jack Frost's goblins broke the golden conch shell that made sure that the oceans throughout the globe were in pease and harmony! Queen Titania asks the 7 ocean fairies, Shannen, Rachel, and Kirsty to come into the royal fairyland acuarriam with her. She sends a dolphin, a seal, a penguin, a sea turtle, a starfish, a whale, and a clownfish after the 7 pieces of conch shell so the animals can protect the pieces of conch shell. Ally is so upset that the queen lets her go first at finding her ocean animal.
Ally the Dolphin Fairy wears these things:
* silver flip-flops
* light-purple dress
* necklace-chain with dolphin on end
* blue bracelets

Chapters(in order):
1. Off to Fairyland
2. Shattered!
3. Where's Echo?
4. Goblins Underwater
5. A Sparkling Shell
6. Catch that Goblin!

Like the detail? Read the book for more detail about the book and tell others about it!

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