Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review: Drama

Raina Telgemeier's second graphic novel, Drama, is sure to bring a wry chuckle from anyone who remembers their own middle school years.

The main character, Callie, is in the seventh grade and deeply involved in the stage crew for her school musical.  She's determined to build the best set ever on a shoestring budget... and also determined that this set will include a working cannon!

Callie lives and breathes theater.  The only thing that can distract her from the drama on-stage is drama off-stage!  She begins the book with a huge crush on a friend's older brother, who first kisses and then snubs her.  She rebounds when she meets a handsome set of twins who then go out for the play.  She understands why Justin isn't interested in her, but surely Jesse will ask her to the eighth grade dance....

The story of this book will have you both laughing and wincing as you enjoy Callie's middle school drama and probably remember a bit of your own.  The illustrations are colorful, fun, and easy to follow.  While I haven't read many graphic novels, I simply love Telgemeier's (see my blurb on Smile here) because they take simple situations and make them into such fun, relatable stories.  Drama is definitely a treat that shouldn't be missed.

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