Wednesday, September 26, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 26

The 30 Day Book Challenge is an event happening over at In Between. There are book-related topics for every day of September. I'm playing along.... come join me!

The topic for Day 26 is "favorite book boyfriend/girlfriend."

Well.  Often, books thrive on the conflicts in the relationships between the main characters.  Either of the "should I pick Boy A or Boy B?" variety, or the "can we work out all the problems that the world throws at us and be together" kind.  And while those conflicts make for good reading, they don't often make for good couples.

Ann Brashares' Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series had some couples that I really rooted for (Bridget and Eric, Tibby and Brian, Lena and Kostos), but since the series was more about the friendships between the girls, none of those stick out as better than the others.  I think Samantha and Kent in Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall could have been really good together, but their relationship was clearly doomed before it started (since she was dead and all).  I do like a lot of the couples that develop in Sarah Dessen's works--Eli and Auden in Along for the Ride, Remy and Dexter in This Lullaby, and Annabel and Owen in Just Listen.  I think that Etienne and Anna from Anna and the French Kiss would be a good real-life couple, since their relationship was so deeply based in their friendship, but have a hard time getting behind them as "best" because of the whole Ellie thing.  Augustus and Hazel from John Green's The Fault in Our Stars were also great, in spite of the fact that they were also doomed from the beginning, since they met in a cancer support group.

So there you go--kind of like real life, no actual 100% perfect couples, but several that I feel affection for.

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