Thursday, September 20, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 20

The 30 Day Book Challenge is an event happening over at In Between. There are book-related topics for every day of September. I'm playing along.... come join me!

The topic for Day 20 is "a book you once loved but don't anymore.  What changed?"
When I was in the fifth grade, my friends and I all passed around a copy of The Spy Lady and the Muffin Man by Sesyle Joslin.  We totally wanted to BE the kids in that book and have a spy club of our own.  We talked fondly about that book for years afterwards.  But last winter, I spotted a copy on Amazon purchased it for old time's sake.... and could barely make it through the re-reading.  I didn't find it to be either interesting or funny (both of which I remembered it being when I read it in fifth grade).  I think that was definitely one of those books where the experience of reading it (with friends) was way better than the book itself.

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