Thursday, September 13, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 13

The 30 Day Book Challenge is an event happening over at In Between. There are book-related topics for every day of September. I'm playing along.... come join me!

The topic for Day 13 is "a book you'd like to forget and read all over again so you can fall in love with it once more."
As I pointed out yesterday, I often forget enough details that I can re-read a book again and again and love it every time.  In fact, I often re-read my favorites because I love catching new details the second time around.  The book that I'm currently most looking forward to re-reading is:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I fell in love with this book way before it hit the mainstream and definitely did my share of passing it on--to my book club, my students, and various friends.  Just this past weekend, I got my copy back from another friend who had borrowed it.  I've been wanting to do a re-read ever since I saw the movie, but it's been on loan to various people since then..... So now that I've got it back, I'm reading it again before passing it on again!


  1. I totally just reread this whole trilogy a couple weeks ago. And I still love the first one, and meh about the other two, even though I couldn't put them down.

  2. Really? I actually think Catching Fire is better than The Hunger Games. But I agree--I'm definitely "meh" about Mockingjay.