Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review: Uncensored Grace

Original blurb published on January 1, 2012.

This was the first non-YA book I read in 2011, and also the first I did not read for my Materials For Youth class. It has also been published under the title of Stripped. It tells the story of Central Church in Las Vegas and people whose lives have been radically changed by God. It served as the basic model for the book God Can!, which I wrote with my dad and his pastor, Cal Rychener.

Overall, I loved reading about how people's lives have been transformed.  The stories were real and gritty, very honest.  However, some of the stories left me wondering.  Like the one about two strippers who became Christians and tithe 10% of their earnings to Central Church.... yet still work as strippers.  I'm not exactly sure that embodies "radical life change."  Or a very sad story about a young man that was killed in an auto accident.... His death brought many to the church, and he had been talking to one of the pastors and learning more about the claims of Christ before his death, but no one could be quite sure whether or not he had actually accepted Christ himself before his accident.  So while I really enjoyed the book, I wished for more information or perhaps different resolutions to some of the stories.  Of course, this simply can't be done with nonfiction... But it did make me wish that the author had chosen to use some more conclusive stories instead.

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